Nolan (reflection)


I'm an artist practicing photography and music in Durham, North Carolina.

My pictures mix man-made and natural topography, currently set around a rapidly developing Durham or my adolescent stomping grounds just north of Dallas, Texas. After relocating many times in my life, the images often are about the places I call home.

I earned a Fine Art in Photography associate's degree after teaching digital photography at a commercial truck driving school in eastern North Carolina. I drove to Minnesota soon after for a brief internship with Alec Soth, but stopped pursuing art academically once I returned to NC. I photographed for the local paper and car dealerships occasionally, but spent most of my time working on music, managing record stores, and engaging with my local community.

Recently -- for the first time in ten years -- I picked up my old camera while taking meditative walks as part of therapy, following a local homicide map, or commuting to work. I've made photos a daily part of my life since, self-publishing magazines, posting work in progress to Instagram to shake off the dust after years away, and using the medium as a means to connect with my hometown.

I'm available for a variety of photo services. Feel free to contact me. 

nolansmock [at]