I'm a photographer and musician living in Durham, North Carolina.

My pictures mix man-made and natural topography, currently set around a rapidly developing Durham or my adolescent stomping grounds just north of Dallas, Texas. After relocating many times in my life, the images often are about the places I call home.

Winter Memorial Gardens, 2018, Mystic Alley, Raleigh, NC

Winter Memorial Gardens2018
Walking: Fall, 2017

FEATURED (online)
25 Blue Hours, About Light Magazine, Aviary Gallery, Aye Mag, Collective Endeavor, Defrag Mag, The FADER, Fnd It Mag, Future Balance, JPG, N8 Zine, Nowhere Diary, Paradise Magazine, Peach Estate, .PNG Magazine, Remnant Magazine, WTNS, Votre Zine

FEATURED (print)
Autotrader, The Daily Reflector, Minimal Car Zine, The Smithfield Herald.

nolansmock [at] gmail.com